Interview Techniques

Course Description

This interactive course is aimed at EMLT students who want to build up or extend their knowledge about Interview Techniques. Prior knowledge or skills are not needed for the course participation or to succeed.

This module teaches you how to prepare before a job interview, what should be on your checklist and how to choose the right outfit. It provides an overview of the varieties of job interviews and their procedures and teaches you how to succeed these types of interviews successfully. Furthermore, discussion techniques and common interview questions are covered in this course, also including the questions which the applicant should ask. In addition, important tasks after the interview, for example the contract negotiations or how to cope with refusals are taught.

Table of Content

  1. Before the interview
    • What you should ask yourself before the interview
    • Checklist for preparation
    • The right outfit
    • Body Language and Diction
    • Exercises
  2. Varieties of job interviews and their procedures
    • The classic job interview
    • Phone interview
    • Skype interview
    • Assessment Center
    • Exercises
  3. Discussion techniques and common questions
    • Discussion techniques
    • Common questions to applicants
    • Questions applicants should ask to the company
    • Exercises
  4. After the interview
    • Continue tactically
    • Inquire via telephone or email
    • Contract negotiations
    • Coping with refusals
    • Exercises

Learning Outcomes

Learners will:

  • be able to prepare themselves mentally before an interview
  • be able to develop a checklist for the interview
  • be able to choose the right outfit
  • be able to differentiate between the varieties of job interviews
  • be able to describe the different forms of job interviews
  • be able to explain the procedures of the different forms of job interviews
  • be able to describe the discussion techniques of job interviews
  • be able to assess, argue and answer common interview questions
  • be able to prepare questions to the company
  • be able to inquire via telephone or email after an interview
  • be able to negotiate working contracts
  • be able to know how to cope with refusals
  • be able to explain how to continue after the interview in a tactical way


  • e-Book
    In scope of this EMLT module, an e-book will be shared to learners.
  • Interactive e-Lessons
    An interactive e-lesson for each unit of an EMLT Module will be shared with learners.
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