Leisure Time Management and Recreation

Course Description

In this module you will learn about important time management skills for both your personal and professional life. You will consider setting goals and prioritization and what role your values play in the whole process. In addition, you will get useful tips on planning your time and eliminating time-wasting behaviors. Also, you will learn a few basic relaxation and meditation techniques. Eventually, adopting time management strategies and incorporating relaxation and exercise into your schedule will help you achieve more, be more concentrated, stay focused longer and be in control of all your projects and deadlines.

Table of Contents

  1. Your time – Your priority
    • The value of your time
    • The right mindset
    • Motivation
    • Goal setting
  2. Streamlining your time
    • Get organized
    • Plan well
    • Get in the zone
    • Delegate
    • Learn how to say “no”
    • Use time-saving technology
    • Personalize
  3. Overcoming obstacles
    • Procrastination
    • Stress
    • Balancing work and family
  4. Recreation
    • Relaxation
    • Meditation
    • Sport and exercise

Learning Outcomes

Learners will;

  • consider the value of their time
  • assess their priorities
  • explore the link between mindset and achievement
  • apply the rules of goal-setting 
  • apply time management techniques
  • plan their time effectively
  • analyze and criticize organization of time 
  • be able to propose time-saving techniques
  • be able to explain the term “procrastination” and minimize procrastinating
  • improve their relaxation and meditation techniques


  • e-Book
    In scope of this EMLT module, an e-book will be shared to learners.
  • Interactive e-Lessons
    An interactive e-lesson for each unit of an EMLT Module will be shared with learners.
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