Social Responsibility

Course Description

In this module you will learn about Social Responsibility as an important part of contemporary societies. We will go through historical development of social responsibility in the context of modernity and industrial revolution and welfare states. We will present several topics that socially responsible corporations deal with and give you ideas and tips from best practices. You will be able to adapt some of the activities in your environment and share the idea of social responsibility in your surrounding.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Responsible Entrepreneurship
  3. Global Challenges and Responsibilities
  4. Global Villages and Beyond

Learning Outcomes

Learners will;

  • learn about forms of social solidarity
  • understand the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • be able to analyze features of best practices of CSR
  • be able to identify the most important social issues concerning social 
  • responsibility
  • be able to plan social responsibility strategy for the neighborhood
  • be able to critically evaluate CSR strategies and their impact (to distinguish between mere PR strategy and responsible engagement)


  • e-Book
    In scope of this EMLT module, an e-book will be shared to learners.
  • Interactive e-Lessons
    An interactive e-lesson for each unit of an EMLT Module will be shared with learners.
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